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30 June 2008 @ 02:33 pm
Here is the archive of filled prompts, I'll update it every now and then. If you feel a fic was placed in the wrong category let me know. :)

If you want to 'out yourself' please do it in this post. It's your risk!


--Sally/Mina fluff. Can be any rating you want. :) "Untitled"

--Storm x Big. Fishing. Untitled, includes sequel

--Tails + Sonic (Yes, +~)

The Talk. With much, much awkwardness. Can include het/femmeslash/slash relationships offscreen however you wish if you do indeed wish.

Bonus points if Tails knows damn well wtf is going on and got it ll out a textbook and is just taking the piss. Information About Sex? On MY Internet?

--Sonic taking advantage of another... with the other dressed as Mario. The Joys of Blackmail

--Sally + Bunnie, Archieverse. Prompt is girl talk, with them discussing their sexual relationships. Advise

--ScratchxGrounder fluff. Just For a Little While, Though.


--Mephiles/Blaze, "shadow and flame". All the more points if reference if Blaze gets worshipped like the fire princess she is. And totally don't care if anon is slightly obvious to some, meeeeh. <3 Shadow and Flame

--Amy/Shadow, with dominant!Amy. Amy likes to take charge, and Shadow is just fine with that. Smut prefered, but I'll settle for anything you can come up with anonymous. Bonus points if Shadow is/ends up tied up. =D =D =D Good thing I like writing bondage (sorry if it's crap - it's late and I should be sleeping)

--Vector/Rouge. I don't care what, just GIMME!!! I will love you forever, yes I will. Common interests?

--Fiona x Jet: Competition. "Untitled"

--Shadow/Rouge, rough sex. "Untitled"

--Knuckles/Amy. I'm so starved for it, I don't care what you write ;o; Infedelity

--Silver/Blaze. Blaze as the princess of Solenna, Silver works for her. Interpret as you will. Surprise Surprise

--Shadow x Mina fluff, please? The more frilly and sappy, the better *__*b Here goes nothin'..

--King Shadow(from the M25YL arc) + past/young Amy Rose. Shadow tries to make Amy his Maria...his desires get out of hand. Untitled

--Big/Rouge. Rain. Sure. Why not?

--Antoine/Bunnie. Daydreaming, fantasy...preferably before they actually became a couple, and one is crushing on another (or both can on each other). Fluffy or sexual is fine. Distractions

--Shadow/Elise with Sonic watching. Tryst

--Super obvious anon requests Metal/Amy! Someone got bit by the Scissorhands bug!

--Shadow x Maria - bedtime story Fairy Tales [2 Parts]

--Blaze/Silver. Silver in a maid outfit. "Neh, Blaze-goshujin-sama, how may I serve you today~?" Servitude

--Knuckles/Rouge - Puggle's first time and trying to cope with all that Rouge.

(also, epic hatesex is a must) Payback [2 Parts]

--Omega/Rouge, comfort. Untitled


--Scourge/Zonic, 'Vengeance Is Mine', violence, revenge, suggestiveness. Actual sexual aspects optional, but bonus points for them. No death plz.

Yeah, obvious anon is obvious. Don't care. <3 "Untitled"

--Mephiles/Silver. "You poor, sweet innocent thing." "Untitled"

--Sonic/Silver with elements of epic adorkable. Suggestive without sexual aspects is just as awesome.

Bonus points for unexpected ending. <3 Hedgie Anxiety

--Sonic/Jet, "I didn't know this was going to be a race!" Bonus points for tasty smut and fierce competition all over the place <3 Winning Isn't Everything

--Sonic/anyone. Kink? Foot fetishism. yes. I said it. "Untitled" (Sonic/Shadow)

--Shadow/Sonic/Silver, in which Sonic is 'ganged up on' by the other two. *gives it a shot*

--Shadow Android x Omega. You think they'd never do it? Well I say to you, they'd do it over Eggman's dead body!

... Oh wait. ♥ System Error; Abort, Retry, Fail? [3 Parts] (This is under the assumption that Omega and Shadow Android are male!robots)

--Mephiles/Shadow with Shadow being treated more like a pet than a person. "Untitled" [2 Parts]

--Espio/Silver, invisible smexing. Preferably consensual. Reflection [2 Parts]

--You know what, anonymous? I want Silver/Mephiles. That's right, I wanna see Silver putting the moves on Mephiles, in his own unsure, adorkable way, and Mephiles being too amused by the concept of Silver topping to want to bother turning the tables on him.

Theme? The heart wants what the heart wants, even if it's not a good idea. Adorable

--Shadow/Silver, fluff... :| Untitled

--Silver/Sonic. Psychic force, new ways to subdue the Iblis Trigger. Psychic Porn For You

--Okay, kink meme...I want silliness, Sonic x Shadow, ANDSILVER AS THEIR ILLICIT LOVE CHILD.

Bonus points if Shadow was the mommy. XD The Night Silver was Born


Rough, delicious non-con sex, plz. Cookies for it having been after a fight! Here, Have An Emerald Sammich

--Werehog!Sonic/Shadow. Just write it. Moonlight

--Shadow/Doom's Eye. Incest and tentacle raep please. Bonus points if Black Doom is actually getting off to it. Mind Over Matter

--Omega/Shadow. Preferably on the sweeter side (not tooth-decaying, necessarily, just not ROBOT RAPE). Pretty much a kink in itself since I'm not even sure how it'd -work-... Untitled [2 Parts]

Lancelot!Shadow/Sonic. Knife-play. Points for Caliburn watching?

shamed anon is shamed. Untitled Fanart

--Metal Sonic/Sonic pleeeease. I don't care what it is, I've just been craving some. ;o; Unity [4 Parts]

--Shadow/Sonic - bow your heads low, all hail Shadow. Defiance.

Take it as you will, anon. To The Victor [2 Parts]

--Shadow/Mephiles. Yes. Shadow tops. ... Honestly I just want to see if any anon can pull it off. DO THIS FOR GREAT JUSTICE. God and Demigods [3 Parts]

--Mephiles/Shadow. The kink? Sonic is watching. That Dark Space [2 Parts]


Amy/Maria, dancing. (Am I obvious? I don't know. I may be. :P) Untitled

Rouge/Wave. Rouge decides to steal something of Wave's, if you catch my drift.

Sonic Channel says they're rivals, after all~ Untitled

Rouge/Sally, crown jewels. Untitled

--Can I post now? YAY!

Amy/Cream plz, super fluffy and adorable. Putting Away the Boxing Gloves


--Sonic/Amy/Silver - keeping Sonic still for more than thirty seconds. I've always wanted an excuse to write these three. 8D

--Amy/Rouge/Sonic -- "'I want's don't get". (bonus points to make this yuri) Getting what you want

--Tails x the Tornado :D? Nuff said? Aaaany rating but the kinkier the better.

Tails isn't gay. You can tell from some of the pixels the fact that the Tornado is female :DDD "Untitled"

--Sonic solo smut Untitled Fanart

--I want Sally to get raped and humiliated. I don't care who does it, but there should be more than one of them. Untitled (Sally, Sleuth Dogg, Mammoth Mogul and Sergeant Simian)


Multiple responses please.

Sidenote: Mephadow would be awesome. Also Mephiles/Blaze/Silver. Shameless anon is shameless. Sandwiched (Mephiles/Blaze/Silver) [2 Parts]

--Knuckles/Master Emerald. Knuckles is that desperate. Humor is huge bonus points. Untitled


--Wow, beautiful writing. Thanks for taking the time * w * Misplaced Comment!Fic (Knuckles)
(Anonymous) on July 2nd, 2008 09:09 pm (UTC)
kunxamy fic finished here:

(Anonymous) on July 2nd, 2008 09:09 pm (UTC)
and i totally meant 'knuxamy'
Fluffy Sheepdarkfreakoid on July 3rd, 2008 08:45 pm (UTC)
Thank you, I'll add it but for future reference I plan on updating the list perhaps every week or so rather than update it every time there's a new fic. :)
(Anonymous) on November 1st, 2008 07:39 pm (UTC)
Werehog!Sonic/Shadow <--- Filled~♥
(Anonymous) on February 6th, 2009 10:19 am (UTC)
Scratch/Grounder fluff - filled! here/a>

(Anonymous) on February 6th, 2009 10:20 am (UTC)
whoops. fucked up the coding. :[ but there it is!
(Anonymous) on November 28th, 2009 10:11 pm (UTC)
I NEED a Mighty the armadillo yaoi story! If someone can write one, I would love it. I don't care who it's with; (vector, espio, knuckles, sonic, bark, etc). I'm not sure exactly how to know if someone took this request, but here's my email, please contact me if you would like to write it :)